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YouthSpeak Forum Talks is right around the corner!

YouthSpeak Forum Talks powered by AIESEC in Romania is an Engagement with AIESEC product run by youth for youth.

­čô▓ Visit our event page and get all the information that you need:

The event empowers young people to understand how they can contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through short and powerful talks and sparks interest in self-development through skills-building workshops.

By partnering with the UN globally, AIESEC has taken responsibility, in December 2015, to promote sustainable development objectives to young people and involve them in achieving their concrete finalities.

The event is having 3 main directions:

  • Inspire – By creating a framework where top businesses, top leaders, and youth delegates come together and share their knowledge and ideas about key issues that are affecting communities locally and globally. This section is delivered through short and powerful talks and aims to empower the delegates to look for more opportunities and to understand the impact they can make daily.
  • Engage – Our partner organizations engage with youth delegates to give new perspectives on issues relating to the forum theme through workshops, conversations, and idea generation spaces. Youth and organizations interact exchange opinions and understand what is being done in the world already to address these issues and how they can bring their contribution too.
  • Commit – After participating in YouthSpeak Forum, youth delegates from diverse backgrounds, after a day of inspiration and interaction, commit to making a change to the issues they connected the most throughout the day.

This edition will highlight two main topics:

  • Leadership now and in the future – participants will learn how should a leader act and what skills he or she needs during times of crisis, and what kind of leadership the world will need in the future.
  • Awareness regarding world issues – participants will learn what are the main issues that are affecting Romanian society and what are the next steps we need to take in order to fix them.

Due to the current context regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in Romania, we decided to hold this event online in order to ensure the safety of all the stakeholders involved.

YouthSpeak Forum is an annual event for our organization and we wanted to find the best solution that will help us to bring this event back this year with all the safety measures in place.


AIESEC in Romania was founded in 1990, being present in 13 cities with 14 local committees. Since then we constantly helped students and communities bridge the gap between education and employability. In the last years, we have been awarded in the global plenary of AIESEC as pioneers for our initiatives in Romania.

We are a youth-run, non-governmental, and not-for-profit organization in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), affiliated with the UN DPI, member of ICMYO, and is recognized by UNESCO.

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