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Why You Are a Leader, but You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Did you know you are already a leader? That’s right! Don’t believe us? Continue reading!

When we think of leaders, we are used to thinking big, right? We think of big political leaders, or people in charge of big companies. But if we look again, we are actually surrounded by leaders. What do your teacher, your parents, your boss and your sports coach have in common? Right! They are all leaders!

Leaders take charge over a group of people and help them move in a certain direction. And guess what – you are already doing this! Remember that time you made plans for a day with your friends? Leadership! Remember when you took the lead in a project in school? Leadership! Remember when you inspired someone to do take shorter showers or to become vegetarian? Leadership!

When we envision the ideal leader, we see someone who is self aware, someone who is solution oriented, someone who empowers others and someone who is a citizen of the world. Everyone already has their own strength, and this strength decides what type of leadership is your most natural.

Curious if this is true for you? Take this test and find out which leadership quality is already your strength!

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