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We asked 5 Global Volunteers about how they broke their barriers in exchange

Global Volunteer is also about meeting people from all around the world and listening to their stories.? Today, we want to present to you the story of how 5 global volunteers broke their barriers in exchange. Take some popcorn and hop into this experience with them!?

“Since I was little, I wanted to impact others around me because I saw that what you know, believe, and how you act shapes the world we live in. Also, while I was leading my team in AIESEC, I began to overcome a part of my fear of public speaking and I thought that going in a Global Volunteer experience might be the best idea for developing my skills while empowering others. “   – Iulia

“It felt amazing, because I was extremely excited to experience my own story, alone 100% for the first time, I was seeing everything that was about to happen as something that will develop me in ways in which I couldn’t imagine at that moment.”  -Andreea

 “The biggest shock was definitely seeing how nice people were! Everybody was so happy to welcome me in their home, people on the streets were smiling at me, and were helping me whenever I needed that. Another thing was how much they take care of the animals on the streets. They have special places for them to receive food and water and I’ve never seen that before.”  -Cristina

“When I left for this exchange, I had 3 quite clear goals. To be able to talk to strangers without fear, to learn how to manage my money better, and to travel and see Turkey as much as I can. All of them were achieved as my project, Speaking Club Kocaeli, had me talk to strangers varying from 7 to 70 year-olds, while at the same time, trying to teach them English through various activities, either made up by me or ideas from my coordinator, the owner of the NGO. I left with 1200 RON for Turkey, for 6 weeks, and came with 200 RON back (while I also traveled). And I traveled to the following cities, either by train or hitchhiking: Kocaeli, Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Eskisehir, Ankara, and Antalya. Taking into consideration I only had my weekends free, that was quite a lot from me coming from someone who wasn’t used to traveling. And overall, I challenged myself to fight my fears of not being able to trust the people around me, to take care of my own, and to just get lost and find my way.” -Liviu

“I have to admit that I really fell in love with Egypt, it had a strong impact on me which makes me apply again for another opportunity there. I met wonderful, funny, warm people which made me feel at home. Egypt became my second home which I hope to come back to soon!”  -Miruna

You just read five Global Volunteering stories, each of them having a different perspective and unique highlights. So how do you feel? Are you ready to #BreakYourBarriers and hop into your own experience?Breaking your barriers is always about making the first step, just as every single one of these amazing people did. So what are you waiting for? Discover the project for you right here?

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