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Traveling as a university student is not easy. But it gets easier with Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has created a special program, exclusively for students, in order to encourage them to travel, whether it is for their studies, to return to school or to visit the dear ones during the holidays. This exclusive Programme, Student Club, is dedicated to support student with opportunities, savings and other amazing benefits that truly help youth touch the skies in their developing journey.

Among the benefits, the students can find special fares on flights, excess baggage allowance, date change flexibility, Privilege Club tier upgrades as a graduation gift, complimentary Super Wi-fi, and many more.

Exclusive benefits for students

How do the special fares on flights apply? The more you choose to explore the world, the more you get! On the first booking, the students receive 10% through the promo code. Once the first flight is completed, the students receive the second code worth of 15% off. You’ve already got the idea! After the second flight, students get to receive 20% off on their third booking.

Once students move to study abroad or travel to their exchange opportunity with AIESEC, they for sure want to take their most dear objects and memories that will make them feel like home wherever they go. With the excess baggage allowance, they can take 10kg extra without additional costs or one more piece of bagged on flights, depending on the route.

If students decide to travel at least once per year, once they graduate, they receive a Privilege Club tier upgrade that upholds even more benefits.

Once students invite their friends or colleagues, they receive 50000 Qmiles. The process is very simple once the student has an account and it is available until the 31st of December 2021.

Even though in Romania and other fortunate countries the vaccination is following a good path and Covid-19 restrictions are slowly starting to be lifted, traveling all over the world still holds a high rate of uncertainty. With Qatar Airways, students also benefit from enhanced flexibility, which includes one complimentary date change, in case the respective current state of their destination becomes unsafe to travel to on the initial date of the booking.

Active role in fighting the effects of Covid-19 worldwide

Besides this flexibility, Qatar Airways cares about fighting the effects of Covid-19 and proves it with their actions. It has been a leader in the fight against COVID-19 and in the early stages of the pandemic, provided aid flights to China, shipping supplies to Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai in February 2020. And the help does not stop. Only during this month, May 2021, as part of the WeQare initiative. 300 tonnes of aid from around the world were consolidated and transported in a three-flight cargo aircraft convoy from Doha to India.

We are more than honored to be partnering up with organizations like Qatar Airways whose support is unexhaustive in the fight against Covid-19 all over the world.

We are more than honored to be partnering up with organizations like Qatar Airways whose support is unexhaustive in the fight against Covid-19 all over the world.

Stay tuned to hear more about our amazing partners and the impact they have on the world. Until then, if you are still a university student, make sure to subscribe for free to Student Club and get the best experience on your way to your desired destination. It takes one minute to join  Student Club today:

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