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To Be or not to Be an international volunteer?

Written by Cristina Gabura and Alina Popescu

This is more a rhetorical question. You just don’t have to think twice.

Have you ever thought how beautiful could be an international experience, across the country, with new people around you and lots of fun ?

This experience can’t be defined by just one world, because it’s unlimited.

Trust me, you won’t be the same person as you were when you were about to start it.

International Volunteering is a unique experience, visiting a lot of countries, being one of the people that are making a change in the world, is something you just have to wish for, and the rest is very simple thanks to the international NGOs like AIESEC. Is the fact that only when I think about these opportunities I have goosebumps, all the fun you get, all the places that you saw only on the internet reading “Top 10 places to visit at least once in your life”, with international volunteering you can actually be that person that you think how lucky it is to have such a great chance.

Volunteers are taught about body language, gestures, and conversational customs that may differ between their home country and the country in which they are volunteering. The diverse culture and food to try and to really feel that you were there, and you have something to tell your grandchildren. The pride to say “your grandma/grandpa visited many beautiful countries and helped others in need “.

Close your eyes and try to imagine how incredible would be to fly all over the world, with your best friends or alone, without any concerns about the future.

Seize the day!

And you will find yourself while you are trying to make this planet better. Giving a strong impact on your world means more than you could ever imagine. Once Gandhi said: Everything you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it anyway.

So, dare to do it!

Go and visit your favorite country and spend the whole summer doing something that you are passionate about with your entire heart.

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