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Leadership souvenirs from a holiday 

As a person that is at the start of its career, you may think that the only way you can develop or get new leadership skills is by studying or by being the leader of a team. These methods will definitely help you develop those skills, but there are some non- traditional methods, if we can call them like this, that will make you a better leader without even trying. One of these is travelling. 

Here is a list of skills that you can develop while traveling that will make you a better leader on the long run : 

Communication – Through travelling you have the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and that speak different languages. Learning how to communicate and make yourself understood with people and cross the language barrier is an ability that many employers are looking for while recruiting. 

Teamwork –  Even if you travel alone, in a small group or in a large one, the small tasks that you might get, for example being responsible for choosing a place to have dinner or to buy the plane tickets, puts you in the position of consulting with every member of the group and decide which actions suits better the group and its needs.

Cultural awareness – While travelling in a different country many of us face a cultural shock that most of the time takes us by surprise in a positive or negative way. But learning how to face those cultural differences that you may find in a different country makes you more adaptable to  situations that may occur at a future job when you are working with people from different cultures.

Time management – Scheduling a vacation can be very time consuming and challenging for most of us. The best part of this is that at the end of the trip you realise that in order to visit and do all the things that you wanted to, you had to prioritize and book an hour for everything, and by doing so, you have created a schedule that fits your needs and your lifestyle. 

Problem solving – Being put in a situation that makes you get out of your comfort zone and getting over that  is one accomplishment  that requires creative thinking, understanding of the problem and adaptability. By combining all of these you are capable of solving every problem that can occur in your holiday. 


You can develop leadership skills in many ways, all you have to do is think about your daily life and how different situations that you are put in help you progress in your relationships with others or in the relationship with yourself.

Now you may ask yourself what opportunities you can have in order to travel to different countries. The answer to this question is AIESEC and its programs in which you can develop your leadership aptitudes while also focusing on hard and soft skills.

Check out the opportunities and start your journey now! 

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