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How to recruit international students

Written by Alexandru Negurici

My personal internship experience

When I was 22 years old, I loved to travel. As I finished my Bachelor degree, I was looking for jobs and internships. I said to myself that my 1st goal is to gain international experience in a business. As I was already a member of AIESEC, I knew the value of international internships.

After a few months of applications, I finally got accepted as a Recruiter Intern at Alcatel-Lucent in Ottawa, Canada. I was so thrilled. Imagine it was – 30 degrees Celsius outside, and I was the happiest intern in Canada. I made friends from Bahrain, Kenya, Sri Lanka and just a few from Canada. My feeling there was that everyone is international.

My international experience in Canada

As the company was moving its operations to Middle East, I was relocated in Belgium. My role changed to a Marketing Intern, as my supervisor said I have the competences for that. In Brussels I rediscovered old friendships. In addition to that, I started to learn marketing processes in a multinational company.

After this experience, I moved to UK, to a new role. I was accepted as a Centre Manager for Brighton University. This role is part of Education First, an international education company. This is the biggest multinational in educational programs. The center manager assumes overall responsibility for the daily operations of the course town. I was managing a team of 40 British employees and the experience was intense.

I am an entrepreneur!

This international experience brings me to a new adventure: starting my own business. Looking back, 6 years ago when I started the start-up in the UK, I have no regrets. I warmly recommend the entrepreneur hat as a must for your development. After all, in the beginning of the modern society, everyone was an entrepreneur.

At the beginning, I was just trying to keep the ship floating. Imagine all the elements you have to take in to account: budgets, accounting, product development, marketing and sales, hiring new people. Although it seems overwhelming…well, it actually is.

Afterwards, things just arrange by themselves. If your product or service is good, things are fitting into place by their own. However, I have a balanced associate that completes me. I am the innovator and he is the implementer. In other words, we make a great team together.

YTranslations – Just the right words

YTranslations is an exciting ISO certified translation agency with the head office in London.
In numbers, our company counts:

  • 6 years of experience in working with global businesses
  • 12 million+ words translated
  • 5,000+ projects successfully delivered
  • 200+ business clients

Thanks to our international exposure, we translate content for companies such as Volkswagen, MAN Trucks, Lufthansa, Lidl, EV-Box, L’Oréal. We are thankful to have a Quality index of 99.4%. Based on this index, our retention rate is blooming.

Exploring new markets – AIESEC students

Thanks to AIESEC, our business hired 3 interns from Germany and one from Finland. In a nutshell, this was the process:
Firstly, we analyze the markets where our translation services are feasible. For example, Germany, is one of our key markets, based on our existing clients.
Secondly, we have a business talk with AIESEC and discuss the Job Description and the profile of the intern that we need.
Thirdly, AIESEC starts to send us different CVs that fit our profile and we start the selection process.
To conclude, we select the best talents that would fit in our company culture and could bring us the results we are hoping for.

The best part is that everyone wins. Our company has great results and interns are developing great competences. For instance, one of our interns brought 15 new clients, attended 1 international conference, and developed marketing strategies for the German market. All of this comes from a 2nd year student with a thirst to learn.

We now have another intern from Germany and we are already happy with his performance. We hope he will have an enjoyable and an insightful experience with us.

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