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A simulated working experience for young people who seek to discover their career path.

why choose Heading for the Future?

H4TF Career

choose & test your chosen field

Choose among the range of fields available to get a simulated work experience in your chosen field to help you understand it’s nature.

H4TF Skills

enhance your soft and hard skills

Get a chance to build and enhance the soft and hard skills required by your chosen field, in a simulated work environment.

H4TF Networking

local and global networking

Find and network with like-minded young people in local and global enviroments to enhance your network.

Starting month: November

Duration: 4 Weeks
2-3 Sessions / Week

Fields Available





course benefits...

Participate in a case study & get a practical glimpse of a potential working field.

The chance to get employed at one of our partners following participation in the project.

Permanent access to the project content and the network created during participation.

Get certificated in the end of the project

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Key elements H4TF

our process

  • Sign up

    Sign up and choose the field you want to study for 4 weeks.

  • Speak with an AIESEC member

    You'll be contacted by an AIESEC representative to get the information about the project in your city.

  • Find your opportunity

    Confirm your spot by paying the participation fees & signing the contract.

  • Get ready!

    Get ready to participate!

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