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The Changemakers Factory is a long-term plan which aims to take young people of Romania through

a learning journey based on leadership elements, equipping them with the skills needed

for a healthy and successful development as well as the qualities that will allow each participant

to inspire other towards the same path.


Explore is a kick-start for children to foster creativity and build confidence in an international environment while they can explore with excitement and joy the bigger world that the volunteers are going to be opening for them.

They will develop key skills that are going to be crucial for their future development.


Discover is a project that targets children aged between 6 to 14 years old and aims to make them feel connected to the global issues and be self-aware to constantly learn from every experience they live, and thus to become the best version of themselves.

Through Discover, children can engage in improving not only themselves, but also the environment around them.


Shape is an opportunity for teenagers aged between 14 to 19 years old to explore their passions and learn about their weaknesses and strengths, understand their values and live by them.

The project aims for them to know what it has to be done in order to become the leader the world needs and understand the path they want to take.

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Project Shape, that took place between 21st of August and 17th of September, had a huge success inside the teenagers. The highschool students participated everyday with interest at those sessions, and there was with them international students, and strong friendships were formed.

They said that they had learned a lot about the origin country of the international students. Each one of them took interest in the Global Problems, and they continued to get involved even after the project ended.

Adrian Solomon

Teacher, Blaj

For me the Discover Project was something novel. Every time, new students from different cultures were coming to interact with our students. The participants not only develop their ability to communicate in English but also share with their culture and traditions. I always encouraged my class and my own child to participate in this project, this being an extracurricular activity with huge impact.

It’s awesome to practice your English knowledge in an interactive way, without the fear of homework and grades.


Teacher, Galati

My responsibility was to help children and teenagers find themselves and explore the world but doing that I actually found myself and explored the world - in terms of knowledge, discussions, attitudes...

The kids taught me that happiness is a way of life not a destination.

The teenagers taught me that when you have a dream you will do everything to achieve it (and have fun in the meantime).

Giannis Sfakianakis

Facilitator, Greece

July 16th 2016

The first project is being created: "Discover"


January 1st 2017

AIESEC Projects aligning with the SDGs.


January 12th 2019

Explore is being implemented as a project for the 1st time as a pillar for Changemakers Factory!


January 19th 2019

Shape is also being implemented for the 1st time as a project by AIESEC in Romania.


August 30th 2019

1106 international facilitators came to Romania to work with 12.000+ children and teenagers


January 6th 2020

Partnership between AIESEC in Romania and European Solidarity Corps for the winter edition of Discover