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We provide the talent that you need!

Accelerate is an initiative that aims to boost your company by connecting you with the international talent of new generations.

Are you ready to accelerate your business?

simple and fast

Simple and fast

We make acquiring bright and fresh minds from around the world much easier than recruiting locally.

A short-term talent solution bringing the right skills, attitudes and background to your business.

boost your workplace

Boost your workplace

We provide the talent you need in order to advance your projects faster, bringing different perspectives that help foster innovation.

Grow your business at a higher pace by working with young people that are eager for more.

enables faster growth

Enables faster growth

Tailored to the fast-paced and dynamic environment of today’s world, you have the opportunity to connect with young aspiring entrepreneurs who are eager to explore and evolve your workplace with an international edge.

Agility can be the #1 asset of your successful
talent acquisition with AIESEC.

Recruit the right talent, wherever in the world they are.

Our network gives you instant access to young talent from over 120 countries and territories from all around the world.
Most of our partners in your sector hire with us from the following countries: Portugal, Germany, Spain, Greece and Italy

After signing up, you will be contacted by one of our members to discuss the program technicalities and open your opportunity on our platform.
We would then be able to support you with managing your opportunity, approving candidates you choose and making sure they arrive well and have a great experience in Romania!



Conditions per duration

    Not salary needed until 8 weeks


      Short : 6-12 Weeks
      (Salary will not be provided)

      Medium: 6-12 Weeks
      (Salary will be provided)

      Long: 6-12 Weeks
      (Salary will be provided)


        Accommodation support until 8 weeks

        Accommodation covered by the intern

          Accommodation covered by the intern

        The payment method for opportunities with salary must be agreed before approving the intern.

        Paperwork? Visa? Let us handle the logistics.

        Our team will take care of this


        Opportunity on Platform

        We make the partnership with you and post the opportunity on our platform.


        Opportunity Promotion

        We promote the opportunity internally to our partners and work closely with them in order to attract candidates fitted for the desired profile.


        Profiles Selection

        We run a first selection process and send you a shortlist of the best candidates. From that list, you will choose the one that fits best your opportunity and the goal of achieving faster growth.


        VISA & Logistics

        We take care of the VISA process and the logistics for accommodation, flight and preparation for the experience that aims to boost your workplace.


        Reception & Integration

        We make sure the trainee has a good welcoming and it’s able to integrate in the new environment in a simple and fast way.

        Marketing &
        Graphic Design

        IT & Engineering

        IT &

        Administration & Development

        We are working with AIESEC for almost a year and we were impressed by the openness and the flexibility of the team, combined with the understanding of the struggles that the startups are facing right now in the market and the desire of confronting them with creative solutions.

        Evelina Necula - CMO & Co-Founder Kinderpedia

        For the past 2 years, Whyttest had a very fruitful collaboration with AIESEC. Together, we created some very special moments, met some of the most wonderful people from all over the world and shared countless stories.

        The cultural exchange is something we all value very much and is an important factor that impacted our company in a very positive way.

        We are eager to continue our partnership and we support all AIESEC initiatives!” 

        Nicoleta Chiriță - HR Admin & Office Manager

        We are on our third trainee and we are really happy with all the work you have helped us do. 

        The work of your people is making a real impact for my company. It is not just student volunteering, but it is real actionable value added to what we do. Thank you and keep earning your goal!

        Laura Dosoftei - Founder Optim Agro

        We are looking for partners!

        Gain access to our international talent pool and let us help you find the right people to recruit for your business.

        Selection can be faster than you thought! Just sign-up and one of our members will contact you!

        At the begining of their internship, the intern signs a contract which specfies the responsibilities which they need to fulfill.  In case these responsibilities are not fulfilled, the company has the right to terminate the contract.

        Our National Partners

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