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Dear Alumni of AIESEC in Romania, 

We are hoping that you and your families are well during this period of time. 

The COVID-19 outbreak affected our organization a lot and we were in a position in which we had to make a lot of decisions and to act quick in order for us to adapt to the current events.

Entering into 2020, we were on our way to deliver the biggest semester in the history of our organization and to celebrate 30 years of existence.

At the beginning of March, we had more than 700 young people ready to take an international experience through AIESEC in Romania. For an organization of which its objective is leadership development through cross-cultural exchange programs, the COVID-19 outbreak threatens our core, as global mobility itself is restricted and we had to stop the majority of our activities due to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

We have switched our focuses to 2 main priorities when it comes to our Volunteering and Internship programs:

  1. Ensuring our customers' safety, health and satisfaction - as we already had 700+ confirmations of exchange participation
  2. Investing time in projects that are important, yet not urgent, for the product's development.

When it comes to our local and national partners, our focus at the moment, is attending online meetings with companies & startups in Romania, in order to bring awareness about our product & how it can benefit the business environment after this pandemic is over. Without our partners, we cannot deliver our cross-cultural exchanges and keeping in touch with them during this pandemic was a top priority for us.

Our financial target for this campaign is 13.000 , this being the amount of money that will help us to overcome financial problems until the month of September and ensuring the transition from the current MC team to the new one. 

Currently, our main source of income, exchanges, has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we cannot run our operations, which means no incomes for the next period of time. Even so, our living costs (salaries - 50% of the total amount, lasting for 3 months  and accommodation for MC Members, 50% of the total amount, lasting for 3 months), while reduced, are still a big source of expense. 

We will have a reporting system in place for our Board of Advisors, in order for us to offer a clear situation on where the money will go.

The purpose of this initiative is for us to ensure the stability, from a financial point of view, of our entity until this pandemic will be over and we can go back to our normal routine while having the financial security that will help us to support all the LCs of AIESEC in Romania in their activities.

This is why we decided to reach out to you, the alumni community, and ask for your financial support in these challenging times that AIESEC Romania is currently facing. We are confident that we will manage to recover from this period and we will go back into delivering leadership experiences.



Regarding the payment details, make sure to write "AIESEC Donation"



Regarding the payment details, make sure to write "AIESEC Donation"

You can also donate with your card


Via AIESEC Alumni Romania association.

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Once you are done, you will be contacted by us with more details about the process.

Thank you for supporting AIESEC in Romania

13.000 €


3.475 €




We will update the numerical status daily!