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AIESEC in Romania set to host the 7th edition of the national YouthSpeak Forum

Bucharest, Romania, April 16th, 2021 – AIESEC Romania is set to host the 2nd virtual event under the name of YouthSpeak Forum (and the 7th in total), set to be held online on the 22nd of April, starting with 12:00 GMT+3, with live-streamed content around the topic of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Youth Empowered and Engaged with a big purpose: achieving the 2030 Agenda

The purpose of the YouthSpeak Forum events is to raise the awareness of young people when it on the SDGs and their active role in achieving the targets for 2030. Through the spaces of the event, the participants are inspired and encouraged to take action for the SDGs, as well as taught how to contribute to them.

6+ Hours for the SDGs

No poverty, Good Health and Well-Being, and Climate Action. These are the  3 SDGs this edition is focusing on, due to the current context. The line-up of speakers and guests gathers a diverse range of thought leaders that will help the participants connect the dots: from country councils to young volunteers, from representatives of multinational corporations to community managers of social media platforms.

Daria, a young student at SNSPA Bucharest, YouTube vlogger, and active volunteer at Help the Children will bring us a fresh perspective of youth and how youth perceive the SDGs.

Laszlo Borbely, State Counselor at the Cabinet of the Prime-Minister of Romania and Coordinator of the Sustainable Development Department in Romania will show the participants the big picture, of where Romania stands in terms of achieving the 2030 Agenda and the role of the public sector.

Laura Savu, Global Community Manager at TikTok, the fastest growing social media platform worldwide, will bring a different perspective on youth’s behavior and motivations when it comes to positive impact.

Powerful conversations

AIESEC takes this opportunity to engage youth with the organization around the topic of the SDGs as well as deepen or kick-start partnerships such as the ones Accenture Romania, PwC Romania, Emerson, Coca-Cola HBC, Mondelez Romania, and Philips.

Representatives of these companies will spark conversations that matter and show the participants the business sector’s role in a more sustainable environment. Ruxandra Popescu, the current president of AIESEC in Romania will also join the discussion and present AIESEC’s perspective. The Panel will be moderated by the chair of the event, Ioana Dospinescu, current president of UN Youth Romania.

Practical Spaces

The participants will have the opportunity of developing new skills through practical methods inside the workshops. The partners of the event will play on their strengths and will teach the participants what they know how to do best and bring clarity on how young people can contribute to a healthier and better world.

Accenture Romania | Protecting your well-being

PwC Romania | How to build resilience in difficult times

Emerson | Critical Skills for a great career start

Coca-Cola HBC | Plastic Recycling and its impact on the environment

Mondelez | Mindful Snacking. Eating with intention and attention

AIESEC invites any young person that wants to become their best version of themselves, contribute to a more sustainable Romania or simply learn more about the SDGs to sign up for the event here:

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