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6 Strengths of The World Citizen Type

Do you know what is currently happening in the world? Are you following the news of a country that is on the other side of the planet? And are you the one who wants to bring a change in today’s social or political environment? This means that you care about the world and that you are The World Citizen Type! Here are 6 of your main strengths!

1. Connected

It is impossible to care for something if you are not up to date with what is happening around you. You are the person that is always connected with world issues, no matter if you are following the news, talking with your friends from the other side of the Planet or you are constantly traveling to places outside of your comfort zone. Being always informed, you are able to understand these issues and to do something about it! And since information is power nowadays, your impact can be more meaningful than you think!

2. Open-minded

Your interest in today’s world issues is not arbitrary. You are always willing to try new things, to explore other cultures and to understand them. You are also able to think and act beyond the boundaries imposed by your own environment, and this is what makes you a valuable human in society. Being curious, embracing change and eliminating labels, while accepting differences, you are ready to turn problems into opportunities. And trust me, our world needs more people like you!

3. Visionary

And you don’t just want to find solutions, but to also look beyond today’s challenges and you embrace an innovative vision. You are connected with the present, while also thinking about the future and how you can achieve the change you want to see in the world. The difference between you and other people is that your way of thinking about future achievements is more creative, efficient and based on fresh ideas. With this vision, it is almost impossible not to inspire and empower other people to go on this path!

4. Responsible

You believe in your capacity to make a difference in the world, but what makes you special is your ability to actually take responsibility. It is not just about caring, but also about acting for improving the world you live in. You feel responsible for the issues that belong to all of us. And remember when I said that we need more people like you? Well, someone has to take ownership of their actions and this is one of the things that make you the World Citizen type!

5. Devoted

Acting needs a lot of motivation and devotion to the world’s issues, and it is fair to say that you have a lot of it! You care about the main problems that the Earth is facing now and you don’t focus only on the ones closest to your home. Your efforts in improving the world are bringing results mainly because of your loyalty to finding solutions! You want to help, you spend your time and energy to do it and this does not go unnoticed! Keep up the good work, because we need it now, more than ever!

6. Changemaker

And all these strengths lead to one of the most important things today: becoming a changemaker! Your actions are inspirational, your ability to make a difference is more powerful than ever. Basically, you have what it takes to make an impact on the world. You identify the issues and you decide to do something about it. And you know what is even more exciting? The results you are able to achieve! You are a world citizen because you never stop here, but you are constantly trying to improve the environment you live in!

Do you want to learn more about what it means to be the World Citizen Type? Stay tuned for more information, next month!

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