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6 Strengths of The Solution-Oriented Type

Are you the one your friends go to for advice? Do you always bring out-of-the-box ideas? Are you the one who always brings the solutions? This means that you are the Solution-Oriented Type! Continue reading to learn more about 6 of your biggest strengths.

1. Positive

We’ve all been there, facing a challenge that makes most of us give up. As the Solution-Oriented Type, you bring a positive attitude. No matter what the obstacle is, you are always looking forward. As you probably know, your vibe is contagious: before knowing it, all your friends feel like they can face this challenge!

2. Determined

Finding a solution is not the only thing we can count on with the Solution-Oriented Type. You also make it happen, while looking beyond the challenge and motivating yourself by the positive outcomes you see. You know it’s not going to be easy, but you have a plan and you are willing to get to the end!

3. Daring

As things are not always easy, you know you will have to take a risk at some time. As the Solution-Oriented Type, you are not afraid. In other words, you are ready to make some tough decisions, in order to achieve the best results. Not many can say they are as courageous as you!

4. Resourceful

Your decisions matter, especially when they push others in the right direction. But what actually makes you the right person to bring the solutions, is your creativity. You are ready to brainstorm in the most effective way and the result is not just made out of average ideas. You are the definition of innovativity!

5. Adaptable

Okay, we know that even you cannot have the answers to everything up front. Sometimes a situation appears and you know you need to adapt quickly. As the Solution-Oriented Type, you never panic. No matter the obstacle you have to overcome, you think systematically and come up with a new plan.

6. Resilient

In the end, your biggest asset as the Solution-Oriented Type is that you are always showing resilience when it comes to challenges. For example, even if you feel overwhelmed by all the issues or disappointments that you face, you always get back up and try again. Nothing can stop you!

Do you want to learn more about what it means to be the Solution-Oriented Type? Stay tuned as we will post more about your type next month.

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