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6 Strengths of The Empowering Others Type

What’s crossing your mind when you hear about empowerment? If leadership is the first thing that you think about, then you are not wrong! Nowadays, to be a leader doesn’t mean to tell people what to do anymore, but to actually value their role, and empower them to take initiative. Does this sound familiar to you? Then you are one of those leaders, and here are 6 strengths that any “Empowering Others” Type, like you, possesses!

1. Inspiring

Not everyone is aware of what they can do or how powerful their actions can be, but here is where you make a difference! You are able to inspire other people to think big, to act and to make their own vision, reality. You are always there to guide and encourage them to move forward. Maybe it does not seem too much to you, but you have no idea of your own power of shaping other people’s development!

2. Communicative

But any guidance is basically impossible without your ability to communicate effectively. You know how to listen! You know also how to share your own vision and how to set the right goals and expectations. You are using communication to inspire other people and to make them aware of their positive qualities, and, therefore, their impactful actions. As not everyone knows how to achieve their full potential, you are always there to remind them. How cool is that?!

3. Flexible

But what is even cooler is your superpower of communicating in different environments. You have a clear vision of what you want to do and you are able to encourage other people to have one as well. Your flexibility can help since you are more likely to work with different personalities, ideas or in separate directions. You can adapt to any situation and remember what I told you before? You are a good listener, you can use this to make the exchange of ideas happen!

4. Empathic

Not only that you know how to listen, but you are also able to understand other people’s feelings. You don’t judge people. You help them get over their own differences and achieve great goals together. Your empathy is one of the most beautiful things you possess, so don’t forget to use it, always! You respect other people, treat them as equals, you learn from them, and this is the proof of your high level of emotional intelligence. I don’t know about you, but I think that this is a must-have asset nowadays!

5. Engaging

And do you want to know what is the best thing about the “Empowering Others” type? Not only that your vision is an inspiration for other people, but you are also willing to engage with others and achieve a common goal, together. You already have whatever it takes in order to understand other people and work effectively with them. But what makes any team unstoppable is actually putting your own efforts in getting to the end and gaining the best results, again, together! You are not just an inspiration, you are also contributing to the acting part!

6. Dynamic

What do you need for making all these things become reality? Well, a lot of energy, of course! And fortunately for us, you have a lot of it! You bring a boost of power and motivation while also inspiring and energizing every single person around you. And this can come in handy when someone actually has to take initiative and do great things. Your spirit is what makes people sometimes decide to get involved, so keep it up like this, because the others need it more than you think!

Do you want to learn more about what makes you The Empowering Others Type? Then stay tuned for a new article, next month! Don’t forget to also share this one, because maybe there are other people like you, that share the same type, on your list!

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